Wildstar : Patch notes 06/17/2014

Wildstar : Patch notes 06/17/2014
Carbine is updating very often its new MMO Wildstar. You can find in that article the changes of the today's patch !

Carbine Studios is updating really often its new MMO. Here are the changes made the 06/17/2014 : 


  • Fixed several issues that were having detrimental effects on server stability.
  • Released reserved guild and player names for open use if available.


War of the Wilds
  • Shortened up the timing of strategy objective population.
  • The "Don't Die" strategy objective will now automatically complete and grant credit if the Giant Moodie Totem is destroyed while it is active.
  • Strategy objectives that require players to kill champions still require at least one player tagger, but no longer require a player to score the killing blow.
  • The strategy objective that requires players to kill a boss has had its timer lengthened and will no longer populate as the second strategy objective.
  • Players will no longer receive a strategy objective requiring them to take control points as a second strategy objective.
  • The strategy objective that requires players to kill moodies no longer require players to score the killing blow.
User Interface
  • Fixed an issue that triggered a LUA error which prevented some mail from being reported as spam.


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